Letters To My Sisters

Messages for Women Exploring Personal Essence & Truth

Dear sisters,

I offer a hand to guide your journey to empowerment. The source of my fierce desire to revive essential womanhood comes from guidance in my life experiences using the navigational tools developed through:

  • A new paradigm of wellbeing in Biocognitive Science founded by Dr. Mario E. Martínez;

  • The legacy of empowered womanhood catalyzed by the medieval beguine movement;

  • Prophetic poetics of mystical women who risked their lives to secure women a place in society.

When I gaze at my reflection in the mirror, I do not yet recognize the strength and beauty of the woman looking back - a soul free and on fire with the passion of inner truth and light fed by personal agency. Have you embraced the woman you were meant to be?


Embrace the journey my warrior sisters!

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