As we work together, your strengths will come into play in ways that will pleasantly surprise you. Many skills you may perceive as invaluable, attributes you may hide, and talent you may question will be transformed to precious gifts that will contextualize your world for positive change. The inherent intelligence you possess is all you need to fulfill your purpose. 

Converge healthspan and lifespan through emerging mindbody science.

Empowering Womanhood

Image by Alexandru Zdrobău

Session Topics

  • Origins of observational learning: the cultural shaping of womanhood

  • The multi-dimensional woman and her archetypes

  • The becomingness of woman in the workplace

  • An introduction to biocognitive applications in yoga.

    Starts Feb 6

    180 US dollars
  • Deeper applications of biocognition in yoga reshaping the hologram.

    Starts Feb 6

    180 US dollars
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