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Hello, I'm Leylia!

My skills are creativity and adaptability. My creativity has always been a skill of mine, I was always interested in arts and crafts, and because of my creativity I have been able to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. My adaptability allows me to accept change easily, if something comes up then adjust and make peace with it.

The Story of Lam's Julry

I've made beaded jewelry for friends and family over the years since I was in seven. I got interested in making beaded jewelry because my mom had some supplies laying around. The jewelry I made were simple beads and string, it was pretty self explanatory so I figured it out on my own. Later on I experimented with assembled jewelry making. My mom taught me the basic how to’s, and I looked up reference photos to create an idea of what I would want it to look like. Two years ago I wanted to create something for my family for christmas, something different and unique. I had stumbled across wire wrapping and was instantly hooked. I watched youtube videos on how to wire wrap and practiced from there. During our Christmas reunion I made a pendant for each family member, which was over twenty.


The jewelry I make is a collection of assembled, beaded, and wire wrap. Assembled jewelry is using jump rings to make chains or connect beads and charms, also to make an assortment of beaded charms. Beaded jewelry consists of beads and string that can be a single strand or weaved. Finally, wire wrapped jewelry is usually pendants or rings with stones wrapped with wire to create a design. 

The problem my business is solving is by being able to provide people with a more personalized gift since almost all of my products will be unique from one another. If I put myself in my customer’s shoes, why I would buy my products because I am looking for something unique to make me feel special or to buy something special as a gift.

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