Do You Want to Change Your life?

If you’re sure, then begin by changing you.

Only then will your life will change ... forever ... regardless of your age and present physical condition…

Since you have no excuses, let’s begin!

Who’s your favorite person of the past?

Joan of Arc?  She began as a sheep-herding peasant girl who talked to God.  Ok, this is the first best step. Pray to God right before you sleep and just you wake up to guide you to changing you.

Joan of Arc left her serene farm life to ride a giant stallion, fought with a great sword in hand-to-hand battles and led charges against English fortified castles and destroyed them to free her country that had been on their knees to England.  

She was a small, kind-hearted, comely country girl who was badly wounded twice in battle but was led by God and freed France.  The rest of her story was tragic but martyrdom made her Saint Joan!  Here’s a little on another Saint to make my point.

It’s tough to change your life but well worth Edna Saint Vincent Millet who was born in 1892 in a poor neighborhood of a small town outside of New York where her single mother worked in New York’s St. Vincent Hospital…

But she decided to change her life by changing herself by developing her intellect into the skill of writing that earned her a scholarship to Vassar.  

From there she wrote herself into fame living her way…

She change Edna Saint Vincent Millet for a poor little girl into one of the greatest writers of all time.

So as they say in the country, "Don’t act like people say you are…Be yourself, choose your favorite person of history, study them and then begin acting like them…"

Do not become them. But become yourself by learning from them.

You have nothing to lose but the life you do not want to live anymore.

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