Reinvigorate Self-Care

What part of spring soothes your soul most?

Dear sisters seeking peace and serenity,

Spring will soon be here and I want to offer you an invitation to begin exploring what you never believed self-care could be in your world. Imagine your self-care wants as personal needs. Why? Not only because you are worth it, but because it is your inherent nature to be well.

On the journey of restoration to wellbeing, you will begin to release the traumas and wounds from your life and the lives of ancestors before you that are shared epigenetically. This process is healing for you, your family, and other people you encounter. The effect ripples far and wide. With the right intention and development of a personal self-care ritual (not routine), the effect will also be deep and permanent.

Daily Self-Care Rituals

  • As a commitment to heal and grow, exclusively look at your most basic needs first. What surfaces first when you go inward and ask, "What do I need to grow right now?"

  • Identify the cultural editors and coauthors in your life who tend to push the limits - the people who overuse or abuse your kind-hearted spirit.

  • Set new boundaries that honor and nurture your needs retrain others to respect your personal space and time. Stick to your guns and commit to yourself.

Impacting the Mind, Body, and Soul

  • Focus on the physical body by practicing intuitive nutrition and mindful movement. The terms intuitive and mindful must be brought back to their essence - simply tune-in to what your body is asking for and observe the impact of what you offer it. Trust your gut instinct.

  • Strengthen the mind and soul by going inward to quietude and joy - a space inside that cannot be robbed from you. Note: (1) Joy is internal and happiness is external and (2) Quietude is a state of being not the level of noise in a room.

  • Identify patterns throughout your typical day and develop rituals that include different senses to sooth and relax so that you can more easily go into contemplation and embodiment of the healing process.

Only Address Essentials

  • American culture has taken many wellbeing practices and made them sexy and convenient. Unlearn all that you have been told from pop culture and go back to the needs of self in the context of your personal truth rather than cultural truth.

  • Be gentle with yourself as you identify your needs and wants. When energy vampires in your world call you needy, express outrage, and shame you for thinking of your needs first, thank them for their observation and then confirm their distorted reality. Do not take their bait - instead offer them the gift of garlic.

  • Practice Occam's Razor and cut the fat from your routines and life. Each day, eliminate one thought pattern, habit, or object that distract and detracts from your self-care. Only bring in what is enhancing and strengthening to your mindbody.

Developing Self-Valuation

  • In order to increase your self-worth, you must establish self-caring commitments and stick to them no matter what. Be flexible with how you accomplish each commitment - if you abandon a commitment to self give yourself grace rather than punishment. Offer yourself a rose in contexts that culture has taught you to receive a thorn.

  • Go inward for contemplation and introspection. Scan the body and become more keenly aware of physical spaces holding onto archetypal wounds (shame, betrayal, and abandonment) and begin to embody healing antidotes instead (honor, loyalty, and commitment).

  • Be aware of regression as you enact this new model of self-care: moderate your actions by gauging guilt during self-care and resentment while caregiving for others. Find your balance.

Make your self-care practice joyful and full of meaning. Remember, this is your path to purpose and service in the world. If your being is unwell, what is left to offer?

Until we speak again, grant yourself grace, love, and compassion.

Samantha Louise

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